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Gear Up For LouisiAnime

Even though I just finished up at my local con, LVLUP EXPO, I'm diving head first into prep for LouisiAnime this weekend!

This will be my first time in Louisiana; so I'm excited to see the anime crowd there, as well as doing a little sightseeing! My schedule is a bit hectic so I wanted to share it here in case you were interested in finding me during the convention. If I'm ever not at a panel/event, you should be able to find me at my table (table number tba).

FRIDAY Fantasy Bakugo (My Hero Academia) Unbiasedly Bias Workshop 4:15-5:45 Opening Ceremonies 6-7

SATURDAY Nejire hero suit (My Hero Academia) Masquerade judging 11-4:30 Masquerade 6-8:30 VIP Mixer 8:45-9:45 Professionalism in Cosplay with Shinka Studios 10:15-11:15

SUNDAY Fish Idol Totoko (Osomatsu-San) Interpret and Create: The Mindset of Choosing Textiles 11-12

There are some new things in this list! You'll notice a new costume (Nejire) a new workshop and a panel! I'm happy to announce that I'll be collaborating with the two other cosplay guests (Shinka Studios and Nipah) to cosplay the Big 3 (MHA). It's a great experience to work with friends, especially those I don't see too often.

Unbiasedly Biased is an interactive workshop where I'll be showing the audience how to sew bias tape! The wonder staff at LouisiAnime mentioned having extra sewing machines for their workshop space and I knew I had to do a sewing demo. After taking a poll, bias tape was the most requested How-To panel. So I'll be going over single fold and double fold bias tape, different ways to attach them, and mitered corners. You'll get a chance to practice sewing them as well!

Professionalism in Cosplay is something Carl and I really wanted to discuss with an audience because we feel most people have a skewed perception on what it takes to make cosplay an actual paying professional. This will be an open panel where we'll talk about our personal experiences of running a business over the years and allow for Q&A. We hope to shed some light on common misconceptions and pave the way for those looking to transform their hobby into something more.

After the con, I'll have some catching up to do with adding both Totoko and Nejire to the costume portfolio, along with a couple of fun reviews, and the launch of the Lelouch Boudoir. Hope you're excited for things to come!

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