The Problem With Judges

While my previous post spoke on why you may or may not have lost a costume contest, it holds one important assumption: the judges are qualified to judge. The entire premise of a craftsmanship contest is moot unless you have capable judges. Going into a contest, you trust that the people judging you are qualified, respectful, and professional. We may be dressed in crazy costumes, but our hard work deserves proper recognition; and unfortunately, this isn't always the case- for a variety of reasons. 1. Not all guests are created equal. Conventions have various standards for choosing their cosplay guests: some go based on skill or awards, others social media following and popularity, some physic

Why You Lost The Costume Contest

While people have different motives to enter a costume contest/masquerade at a convention, one thing is for sure: it sucks to lose. You may often wonder why you lost. You may be quick to blame others in your group. You might think the judges are biased or weren't skilled enough to properly judge you. You might feel you got shafted because first place doesn't look that special. But as someone who has ten years of judging and competing experience, I'm going to bring some hard truth and say that it's probably your own fault that you lost. Let's look at this critically. 1. Did you bring your absolute A-game? Many times you'll feel that you tried your absolute best on a costume, but in reality, y

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