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Shipping and FAQs

How do products ship domestically?

  • All products are shipped with USPS fate rate priority mail and come with tracking. They are based on weight and size, for example: prints and small flat items will ship via flat rate envelope while costumes or wigs will go through larger boxes.

How do products ship internationally?

  • International packages will be shipped through regular first class mail via USPS. However, if you need something quickly, please message me and I can upgrade you to Priority. However, please note that this will cost extra on your part.

How fast will I get my product?

  • Please allow 3-5 business days for me to ship something that is instock with another 3-5 domestically or 7-14 internationally. If you require your package sooner, please message me and I'll do my best to accommodate. If something is up for pre-order, please see expected shipping date on the listing page.

Can you sign my print?

  • Of course! I'm happy to sign any and all prints. Prints that are 8x12 can have a message written to the buyer if desired; however, 4x4 prints are too small for this. If you'd like something signed as the character instead of as "Steff Von Schweetz" please indicate that.

My product came damaged, can you replace it?

  • I understand that accidents happen in the mail. If something goes wrong during shipping, please send me a message with a photo of the damaged item. I'd be happy to replace the product.

The costume didn't fit, can I return it?

  • No, measurements are listed on the products and if you require additional information or sizing, I am happy to send that to make sure everything will fit before purchasing.

The costume has a stain or a hole, can I return it?

  • No, buyers should be aware that a worn costumes come "as is" which includes potential stains, holes, or other wear and tear issues. I do my best to take care of my costumes and wash them before shipping. However, buyers should know that all products, unless stated, are not brand new items.

Are you open for commissions?

  • Commissions are taken on a case by case basis and are usually never full costumes. If you are interested in costume pieces or wig work, please message me for quotes. Messages should include at least one reference, deadline, and a rough budget.

Can you attend "x" event?

  • Maybe! If you are interested in having me at your event, please see the Booking page and submit your inquiry there. If you are an attendee and would like to see me at a specific event, please contact the convention directly. You'd be surprised how many guests they consider based on attendees recommending them. You have more power than you think!

Can you review or promote my product?

  • Maybe! If you are a product owner and would like me to review or promote your product, please submit your inquiry to my Booking page with details of the product and any expectations you might have of me. From there we can discuss the details.

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