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Whether you're interested in booking for an event, interview, photoshoot, or promotional work please fill out the form below.


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What can you expect when booking?

 Panels and Workshops

Steff has done a variety of panel topics including but not limited to: posing help, how to choose fabrics, how to research and think critically about costume construction, safety within cosplay, sexuality within cosplay, body positivity, and plenty of fandom-related panels as well.

They also have experience with workshops and demos including: sewing demos with zippers, bias tape, and applique; makeup demos with both male and female makeup looks; and wig styling demos.

If there is a specific panel or workshop topic you would like to see covered, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Costume Judge

With over ten years of experience judging costume contests, Steff is more than capable of helping out with your next masquerade, local, or online contest. Steff has judged at both large scale contests and small comic book stores, and takes the process very seriously.

Additionally, they have several years of competing experience, and are familiar with the emotions of the contestants. Which means Steff is committed to providing a safe and friendly judging experience from novice to craftsman levels.

Steff also has experience giving feedback to contestants after the contests or panels the following day if requested.

Advertising and Promotions

In addition to being a guest at your event, Steff will gladly help advertise and promote for you. They have nearly 40k followers across multiple social media platforms and is more than happy to advertise their appearance and panel schedule.

Along with event promotions, Steff has helped advertise for brands with the use of modeling and promotional codes. Reviews for products have also been negotiated with either blog write ups, social media promotion, and video reviews. Note, all reviews will be Steff's honest opinion but will contact promoter's beforehand about anything that might be considered negative. Please, contact directly to inquire on the specifics of the arrangement.

Previous Guest Appearances


Anime Austin

Anime Banzai
Anime Califorina
Anime Expo
Anime Fannatiku
Anime Vegas

Crunchyroll Expo
Hydra Comic Con

Kikori Con

Kraken Con

LA Comic Con
LA Cosplay Con

San Francisco Anime Fest

Shine Con
Wizard World

2021 Appearances

On hold due to the pandemic​

Costume Judge/Booth Appearances

Crunchyroll Expo

Fanime Con

Nerd Con

San Diego Comic Con
Otakon Vegas
and other local anime/comic shop

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