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Queen's Blade

The dress is cotton that laces in the back and hooks at the top of the neck. The white bow at the halter top of the dress slips on over the hooks.


The bra piece has swimsuit padding in it to maintain the shape and keep it from being too sheer.


The stripped pattern for the sleeves was made by me and semi attach to the dress' straps. The underskirt has two layers and both were gathered and hand-ruffled. An old hoop skirt was cut and used as the base shape.


The glove is made of vinyl while the arm warmers were lycra.


The gauntlet is actually two pieces: the glove and the rest of it. The glove is two-way stretch PVC with added interfacing and craft foam for the finger pieces and Model Magic for the spikes. The rest of it is made dense mattress pillow foam and craft foam covered in the same PVC.


The boots are mostly craft foam and PVC that attach with industrial velcro. The tops of the boots are separate pieces made from the same white vinyl as the glove and head piece.


The necklace is craft foam with PVC and the earrings are Model Magic. The belts are made of thin vinyl while the gold hoop is a painted shower curtain ring.


The pouches on the belts are soft leather with working snaps.


The axe is made from wood and comes apart in four pieces to make transportation a bit easier.

Photo credits to: Bishop, Richard Bui, Baron Karza

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