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Winter Soldier

Captain America- original concept

Costume was reworked to be female which meant reworking some of the silhouette. Obvious changes include making the jacket a leotard and changing the collar.

Stretch vinyl was used for the leotard. The vinyl was very thin; so it needed to be doubled. The leotard zips up the front and the straps cover it. All straps have working snacks.

Kneepads were made from scratch out of foam, Worbla, D-rings, and elastic.

All the holsters are made from EVA foam that were carved and coated with PlastiDip. None of the straps came with eyelets; those were manually applied.

Arm piece is actually a stand-in for one that was never finished. It's made for stretch PVC with a combination or Styrene and foam. It doesn't connect to the leotard; it's a full piece that wraps around the chest to hold it tightly in place.

Gloves were made with the same stretch vinyl and interfacing. Fingers are an additional glove piece made of PVC. The joints of the fingers were done with Worbla.

Belt, pants, and grenades were bought and altered.

Guns, knives, and mask were bought.

Photo credits to: Joits, Estrada, Ron Geneon, Oscar Photography, Neil Banez

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