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Pokemon- original concept

This design of Vileplume was inspired by Edwardian tea dresses; so I kept that in mind when choosing fabrics and creating the pieces and silhouette. 

The top is silk. I loved that it had floral details already on it. The pattern was based off one I already had. The sleeves have an elastic gather and the back has a keyhole opening that buttons.

The blue and purple pieces are a rayon/silk. The purple top was draped and gathered and has a mock-button closure. The blue underskirt is separate and has a yolk with zipper closure. There are 100+ flowers on the blue tier that were hand stitched on in a flowing pattern.

The petticoat was bought and modified from a bridal hoop skirt. The boning was taken out and keep the skirt from being too structured or bulky.

Sash is a red cotton with a mock bow in the back.

The hat was made from scratch using a historical pattern as reference. Buckram and wire were used as a base and it was covered in the matching red cotton. The white dots are appliqued on using a satin stitch. The rim of the hat has bias tap which was hand stitched on. The floral on the top was glued in place.

Gloves were made from scratch using stretch suede. They have mock-buttons up the sides.

Accessories were bought.

Photo credits to: Flash Photo and Utopia Hound

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