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Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Full costume is a mix of cotton and twill. Details were done using Heat n' Bond. 

Top has a separating zipper down the center front. Sleeves were done using thick interfacing.

Hat base is a police hat built up with foam and interfacing, then covered. Bones are are sculpted using Model Magic. A mixture of paint and Heat n' Bond was used for detailing.

Sock were made from spandex with detailing using paint and ribbon. Shoes were painted with details made from foam, fabric, and Velcro.

Metal sheets were used for all metal plating. All rivets are actual metal rivets.

Balloon is a mylar balloon carefully primed and painted. Eyes and wigs are made from foam. The entire thing was a difficult balance to put together as the balloon still needed to float by the end of the process. A lot of research went into finding light weight paints.

Photo credits to: Eurobeat Kasumi, Bishop, Oscar C

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