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Tiny Tina

Boarderlands 2

The dress is a combo of cotton, canvas and poplin and the threading details are upholstery cording that was hand sewed in. All the weathering was done with paint, fabric markers, a rotary tool and fire.

The pants are linen and were detailed the same way as the dress. The arm warmer is poplin and all the straps are vinyl. The brown, tan and black pieces of the 3 pouches are various vinyls and the grey pouch is the same poplin as the arm warmer. 

The dynamite sticks are wood wrapped in suede straps and painted. It detaches with velcro and can be used as a prop. The timer is foam. The watch is a real watch with clay sculpted over it. The orange wristband was bought. Socks and tights were painted; as were the shoes.

WindoftheStars made the mask.

Ruka made the bunny pin.

Photo credits to: DPhotog, Eurobeat Kasumi, Bishop

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