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Super Vanellope

Wreck-It Ralph- original concept

Leotard is spandex with the stripes were sewn on. They are the same fabric as the regular Vanellope tights. Same goes for the skirt: same fabric and technique as the first costume. The cape is mole skin suede. The braided cord is the same as my original costume as well. Gloves are vinyl 

The hero cookie and chocolate chip broach were made from Sculpty and painted to look a bit more realistic. 

The boots were bought and the knee armor was made with craft foam and Wonderflex. The mask is also Wonderflex.

The hammer is a combination of styrofoam rounds, insulation foam, craft foam, poster board, model magic and wooden dowels. It also has a Hidden Mickey within the sprinkles.

Photo credits to: Tested, Eurobeat Kasumi, RickBas

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