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Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri on Ice- Shingeki no Bahamut Crossover

Shirt was a combination of leopard t-shirt cotton with the same microdot spandex and stretch netting as the Agape outfit. The whole thing is serged with the exception of the collar, which is bias hemmed with the leopard fabric.

The coat was hand drafted and made from a suiting and lining. The cuffs are a satin blend with four buttons. The pipping details along the front are trim that have been sewn on.

Additional rhinestones were added to both the top and coat.

Wings were made from scratch using chicken wire, a large gage wire, felt, and turkey feathers. All the feather tips needed to be cut into shape before adding. Each feather was applied individually to lay properly, on both the front and back. A boa was clipped and glued to the top. A harness was made with foam, tubing, Worbla, and strapping to underneath the shirt. The wings go through buttonholes in the coat and shirt to sit in place.

Pants and accessories were bought.

Photo credits to: Cospix

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