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Sonic the Hedgehog

The jacket was made with a faux leather and red lining for an accent color. A denim jacket pattern was used and heavily modified to accommodate a different collar. the cuffs, a separating zipper, and the bottom belt section.

The sleeves use a red vinyl I had on hand and the cuffs are interfaced gold vinyl. Fur on the collar is synthetic. Belt portion was made with the same faux vinyl and eyelets were added for the holes.

The back logo is leather spray paint- primarily used for shoes. I made a stencil, adhered it on, and sprayed in a randomized way as to make it look more like graffiti. 

The wig was made using a black base and then sewing in red wefts. The large section of wefts were added to the front bang piece, while three rows were added in the back to look more blended.

Ears and tail were made with fleece. The ears are sewn into place while the tail can be pinned.

Pants and accessories were bought.

Photo credits to: na

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