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Rococo Vanellope

Wreck-It Ralph- original concept

Costume was made as a reference to Vanellope's tomboy attitude and thus made into a prince rather than a princess.

Jacket was made using teal upholstery and purple suiting without the use of patterns. The back portion of the jacket is hemmed in horse hair braid. The trims are all tacked on and there's a functional separating zipper down the center front.

Pants were hand drafted and made from velvet. Shoes were modified using interfacing, elastic, fabric, and Worbla. Hat was bought and covered. Twizzler was sculpted with clay.

Sword was made from wood and Worbla.

Cape is the same as Super Vanellope.

Photo credits to: Joits, Estrada, Inspired by Analog, York in a Box, Corpus Photography, DTJAAAAM

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