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Rocket Raccoon

Guardians of the Galaxy

Jacket and pants are made of denim and bias tape. The jacket was self patterned. It zips up the center and the zipper is covered by the snaps.

Gloves are made from a suiting/twill mix.

Ears and tail are made of faux fur. The ears are sewn into the wig while the tail has a wire running through it and connects with a belt under the jacket.

Wig was styled using black and white wefts sewn in to match the look of the ears and tail.

Mask is Wonderflex with an elastic strap.

Gun was made using a Nerf gun as a base, then covered with a variety of cardboard, foam, pvc, card stock. It was then painted and weathered.

Photo credits to: Joits and Project Cosplay

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