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Queen of Hearts Levi

Attack on Titan- original concept

Design was created with a juxtaposition of elegant and harsh in mind.

Shirt was made with a sheer woven fabric using a pattern. Lace detailing was added to the sleeves and down the center. Buttonholes are functional.

Waste cincher is vinyl and satin, with various lace details. It's lined and boned, and laces in the back.

Jacket was hand drafted using brocade, satin, and vinyl detailing. It's lined in the same checkered satin. Detailing on the jacket includes various lace trims, hand sewn pearls on the cuffs, and swarovski crystals glued to the sleeves.

Ruff was drafted with no patterns. It has a thick gauge wire for the skeleton with thinner pieces to help keep the shape. Exterior is brocade, satin and lace detailing.


Bustle was made using a cotton/suiting blend and poly-fill. It keeps up the hand-tacked train.

Pants are stretch vinyl with an elastic waste. Cravat is a cotton/suiting blend with swarovski crystal glued on top. Boots were bought and covered with matching vinyl while the base was painted in gold leaf.

Photo credits to: Cospix

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