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Stephen King's It- original concept

The top and shorts are made of a suiting blend. Both were patterned by me. For the top, strips were cut out, serged together, and ironed for the striping details. Sleeves and shorts are both incased in elastic. Shorts were interfaced to keep their shape.


All the ruffles/ruff are a ribbed knit and have finished with a lettuce hem. The ruff has a yold that has been interfaced and attaches in the back via hook and eyes.


Pom poms were made from yarn. and glued in place with fabric glue. The red and white piping is also glued. The belt was made with matching fabric and interfacing; and has another hook and eye closure in the back. 


Teeth were made from scratch using thermoplastic to mold my teeth and glueing cut and filed acrylic nails on top.


All the makeup was styled by me. Arm was from Amazon and completely repainted.

This is an original design inspired by the 2017 remake of Stephen King's IT. I went with a more stylized version inspired by Japanese fashion to fit my smaller frame.

Tony Julius Photo
York 1
Mayhem Studios

Photo credits to: MVM Photography, Tony Julius, Mayhem Studio, York in a Box

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