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Guilty Gear Xrd

The top is a black stretch denim lined with cotton that has a separating zipper in the front. The hood, orange canvas and white cotton, is attached and crosses over in the front with the silver pin.

The tunic is the same canvas, lined in white cotton, and edged with vinyl. Buckram was used to keep the gravity defying shape. The tunic attaches with a series of heavy duty snaps to both the top and the pants. All the snaps and pockets on the tunic work. Later, the front embroidery was added with the help of Angelic Threads.


The pants were drafted to have two tops: the black and orange pieces. They have four functional pockets and a working fly with two buttons.


A hat was bought to use as the base for the larger hat. With interfacing and canvas, the outer layer was constructed over the base. The brim is also top stitched. The skull is made from foam.


The shoes have wedged heel base. Before covering the shoe in fabric, holes were drilled into the heel to accommodate squeakers. May has squeaky shoes in the game and it was something I wanted to add. The shoes were then wrapped in fabric and foam.

Gloves and minor accessories were bought.

Photo credits to: WWCosplay Photos and DTJAAAAAM

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