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Magical Girl Winter Soldier

Captain America- original concept

Design based to match friends as part of a larger Marvel Magical Girl group.

The top and bottom pieces are an attached onesie made from suiting. The shorts portion is interfaced to help support the shape. The left arm is made from microdot spandex with another dot spandex inset for the star.

Collar piece is separate and is made from satin with glitter ribbon. It's lined with functional buttons.

Waste cincher is heavy bridal satin with a star tulle overlay. It's fully boned and zips in the front. Train and bow pieces are the same satin and tulle attached directly to the cincher. Both are covered with black crystals.

Gun was bought and modified using fake snow, glitter and a variety of blue paints.

Buttons are actual replica USSR buttons.

Photo credits to: Bishop

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