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Lucky Chloe

Tekken 7

The top is a combination of stretch and non-stretch vinyl with Heat n' Bond for the applique. The rest of the dress is four-way stretch vinyl which laces in the back. The pleats on the skirt part have horse hair braid on the hem.

Shorts were also made to be worn underneath.

Bolero is quilted baby blanket fabric that had to be un-quilted before sewing it together. Buttons were sewn to the paw pads.

Shoes were covered in matching fabrics. Necklace was made with vinyl and interfacing.

Tail piece is flannel, polyfill, and wire. It attaches to a heart-shaped piece made of foam and Worbla.

Speakers and headphones were made from scratch using foam and Worbla. They were coated in self-leveling resin and painted.

Photo credits to: Lionboogy, Yuuka, DTJAAAAM

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