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Nurse Witch Komugi

A remake of a costume I made back in 2005.

Dress is a wrap-around made and lined with cotton that snaps at the sides and shoulder. Underskirt is tulle and cotton.

Wings are interface and poly-fill sewn directly to the dress. Bow is interfaced, covered with cotton and snaps to the dress for easy transportation. Tail is flannel stuffed with poly-fill and is sewn to the bow.

Medical box is Interface covered in cotton. Hat is a sailor hat base, cut and covered. The ears are interfacing, wire, and flannel.

Designs on the socks are cut felt and glued on. The shoes were covered with a combination of cotton, interfacing, poly-fill, and Heat n' Bond.

Wand base is wood with details made from foam board, styrofoam, and clay.

Photo credits to: Bishop, AgentSakura9

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