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Pokemon: Sun and Moon

I chose to make a lot of stylistic changes to an, otherwise, simple design.

The vinyl shirt was bought and modified to have the holes. I also did fitting and length modifications to the pants.

The hoodie was made with sweatshirt fleece. The zipper covering the red vinyl is functional. The bottom of the hoodie is ribbed knit. The fur for the hoodie collar was originally grey. I dyed it black and then added black fabric spray paint to make it a darker black as well as form the spikes he has. The grey pull strings are bias tape sewn at the base which runs through grommets on each side.

The red pouch is functional. The base is made from foam covered in vinyl, then top stitched. I made my own clasp for the snap using the Team Skull logo. Spikes are two piece spikes. I measured the distance, hole punched them all, then added the screw base and individually screwed each spike into place.

Wig is a front lace with added wefts.

Photo credits to: York in a Box and Rika Makashima

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