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Yuri Kuma Arashi

Bra piece is separate and was covered in fabric to match.

Vest was hand patterned using cotton, suiting, and poly satin. The vest hooks at the collar and in the back; the front has a mock button.

The large collar piece is separate and snaps in place. The tie is a mock tie with an elastic band and attaches at the bottom to the vest via magnet. The star broach is foam covered in Worbla.

The skirt uses the same fabrics as the top sections and has been heavily interfaced. Petticoat was made from scratch using cotton, tulle, and lace. The bow on the back with the tail snaps in place.

Ears, paws, and feet were created with the help of WindoftheStars. They are made of faux fur, fleece, foam, and batting. 

The crown is foam, beads, and Worbla.

The wig was cut and the pink wefts were sewn in by hand.

Photo credits to: WWCosplay Photo, Joits, Estrada, DTJAAAAAM

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