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Katsuki Bakugo

My Hero Academia- Fantasy Version

I wanted to push myself to make this costume as authentic as possible; so most fabric choices are organic, ranging from leather, bone, coral, wood, and glass.

Bodysuit was made with skin toned spandex which was later airbrushed with the help of my friends Brooke and Reni.

Harness is two different pieces of leather, one for the base and one for the trim. The main piece is doubled for sturdiness and hand stitched in the back. Laces were hand threaded and the rivets were added last.

Cape is suede that's been heat treated along the edges and holes to stop fraying. A mixture of paint was added to weather the bottom. Cape attaches to the fur hide via D-rings.

Fur hide was made with yarn that been manual strung through a leather piece. The yarn was then brush, ironed, and weathered. A second piece of leather was added to hide the yarn work underneath and look seamless. Hide attaches to harness with snaps.

Armbands are stretch suede with the black and white pieces appliquéd and satin stitched on. Round grommets in 4mm and 8mm were used for decoration. The tops and bottoms of the armbands have elastic to stay in place.

The base of the bracer is foam and it's been covered in leather and a faux fur.

The pants are stretch twill in black and red. They have four pockets and a working fly. Kneepads are attached with the base being foam and then covered in spandex. There's quilting around the the pad and then a layer of leather.

Boots were modified snow boots. The fur is the same yarn work as the hide. Matching vinyl was also added for the strapping and detailing.

Sword base was a child sword bought online. The blade was made larger with foam and then reinforced with Worbla- sanded then painted. The scale pieces were individually cut, applied, and painted.

The necklaces are a combination of wood, bone, glass, coral, and various gem stones, with only four beads being plastic. All were hand strung. The earrings are bone painted with glass paint.

The dragon scooter was made by Reni.


Photo credits to: York in a Box, JRulison, Surfside Images, DTJAAAAAAM

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