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Lelouch Vi Britannia

Code Geass- Emperor Version

Because Lelouch's costume is mostly white, I wanted to break up the pieces using different types of fabric.

All gold applique was done with gold vinyl and was satin stitched. All bias tape is the same gold vinyl which was made by me and hand stitched with an invisible stitch to avoid seam lines. 

All red gems were molded and cast by me using resin.

The shirt and pants are the wrong side of a bridal satin. The pants have an elastic waistband while the shirt zips up. The buttons on the shirt sleeves are mock-button holes. 

The tunic is a brocade with the black lapels being a low pill velvet, and a black lining. The piece buttons with three button on the center front. The shoulders have a heavy interfacing in them to keep their shape.

Robes are the same black velvet and brocade. They are all lined with black lining. The sheer robes are French organza and a lace fabric. They organza has been roll hemmed and the lace was meticulously cut and res-ewn to make a rounded hem.

The belt is the same velet with hook and eyes in the back.

The beading was strung together with three different types of beads. The link together through eyelets in the costume.

Photo credits to: MVM Photography, Rika Makashima, DTJAAAAAAM

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