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Katsuki Bakugo

My Hero Academia- Hero Version

Note: Costume has been photographed at various points in construction; so you may see differences from photo to photo.

Top is spandex in black and orange. Orange piece was patterned into an X-shape so there wouldn't be an overlap of fabric. Due to references always showing the top tight and in place, it was made into a leotard with crotch snaps to avoid any unnecessary wrinkling or rolling up. The button accents are snaps.

Arm warmers are the same black and orange spandex.

Gloves are orange spandex and green jersey. 

Belt pieces are nylon webbing attached with parachute buckles and snaps. Orange pieces are orange spandex appliquéd on. Belt grenades were bought off Amazon and repainted. Leg boxes are foam.

Mask is Worbla, formed to my face. It attaches via magnets.

Neck brace is EVA foam, glued with contact cement, primed and painted. It attaches via magnets.

Under bracers are foam and metal screws. They slide on and have an invisible zipper closure.

Grenade bracers are EVA foam, contact cemented, primed, and painted.

Knee pads are foam covered in Worbla. There's elastic around the back.

Base shoes were bought and hand painted with leather paint. All original grommets were removed with pliers, the wholes were re-punched, and new orange grommets were added.

Photo credits to: Fatman Photography, Kevin Inertia

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