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Lio Fotia


I really wanted to get that colorful holographic effect like in the movie; so for the pants I opted for Yaya Han's oil slick stretch vinyl. The pants were drafted from scratch and all the inset zippers are functional.


Belts were made from a foam base covered with the same fabric. I had seen several people paint the edges to look holographic, but I decided to use holo heat transfer vinyl- one in red and one in blue. The strips were cut via Cricut and carefully applied to the vinyl, careful to not melt either of them. One side of the straps were hand sewn while the buckle sides have a snap for easy removal.

Knee pads were also foam based and covered in the same method as the straps. The attach via small snaps and elastic.

The shirt and gloves were bought and heavily altered.

Collar was made using chiffon and matching lace used on the shirt. It attaches via snap.

Shoes were covered in the same vinyl as the pants with all belts made the same. The iron-on vinyl was also applied to the inner heel and part of the sole to keep the holo effect.

Wig was dyed and cut by me as well.

Photo credits to: DTJAAAM and EBK

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