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Bon Clay

One Piece- Original Re-Design

There's a long emotional rant about why I altered Bon's design but it boils down to me wanting to make something as beautiful as I view him. So sticking with the ballet theme, I went off an official Mariinsky bell tutu and long-line Russian bodice. I made them exactly how they are made for stage and did not skip any steps or alter the construction in any way. 

The tutu has 399 feet of tulle- a combo of both diamond netting and soft tulle. All of which was scalloped by hand. The plate and basque are attached since no one else would be wearing it. They are made from satin and coutil. There are six gold/swan applique around the plate. Each was hand beaded with 30 crystals attached per piece. There is a panty attached underneath with 3 rows of bum ruffles.

Bodice is matching satin, flat lined with coutil. Twill was used for boning channels with 12 spiral steel bones. Cotton swan detailing was satin stitched into place. Modesty panel is spandex that matched my skin tone. Lace applique was originally white then dyed, painted, dusted with glitter, then hand sewn into place. All beading was hand sewn as well and several crystals were added. Bodice attaches to the basque of the tutu via buttons and buttonhole elastic.

Jacket was hand patterned to lay over the tutu. It's made from delicate brocade, Bemberg lining, faux fur, lace and satin bias tape. The lettering on the back is brocade as well which was satin stitch on. Lace and gold braid were hand stitched and over 150 crystals were used on each sleeve. The coat stays closed with hooks and elastic which attach to the bodice.

A plush swan pattern was purchased and altered to make the dual swans on the wings. Wings are a combination of chicken wire, turkey feathers, flannel, and a lot of magnets to keep them on my back so I didn't have to add holes to the coat.

Headpiece has matching feathers and crystals. Wig was cut and styled by me and all makeup was done by myself.

Photo credits to: Q

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