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Totoko Yowai

Osomatsu-san- Fish Idol Variant

I interpreted the dress as a jellyfish and went to constructing it as accurately as i could to that specific shape.

A hoop skirt was made using steel hoop boning, heavy twill tape, and hoop boning connectors. It has four tiers starting close to the waist.

On top of the hoop skirt, a three layer petticoat was sewn using tulle, bias tape, and elastic.

The dress was patterned to fit the hoop skirt and petticoat without scrunching and folding. Kona cotton in pink and blue were used as base fabrics below a holographic lame and pink sequence. All gold is vinyl that was Heat N' Bonded on. There is an invisible zipper in the back.

Shoulder shells were made by RedNebulaCosplay on Etsy. I painted them and added velcro straps to the shoulders; so they can easily be removed for cleaning and storage.

Fish head started off as a pattern from Simplicity but ended up being completely reworked from scratch. Outer fabric is a iridescent spandex with a combination of batting and polyfill, lined with teal spandex. Fins are the same fabric/method as the dress. Eyes are plastic balls, painted and glued directly to the fabric. There's a zipper that runs up the neck and towards the tail.

Leggings are spandex and sequence elastic. Shoes were bought and then covered with spandex.

Photo credits to: B Squared and Agent Sakur9

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