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Destiny Child

First made a nude leotard in spandex that closely matched my skin tone. I then began hand tacking the floral lace in place to make sure of the placement before permanently sewing it down via machine. Leotard zips in the back and had vinyl cuffs and collar.

Pants were hand drafted using a stretch denim. Functional pockets were sewn in the front and back along with a working fly.

The tail was made from vinyl and uses a snap under the "HELLY" patch to secure it. The tail also has a wire for structure and posing.

Shoes were painted and all the studs were added on manually. There are around 80 spikes on each shoe.

The wing has a center of chicken wire and felt. Then was covered in black turkey feathers, each of them cut to point. The wing stays on with the help of magnets.

The horns were made from pink insolation foam which was carved down and then covered in black Worbla. The horns were heavily sanded prior to painting. They stay on with liquid latex and prosaide.

Photo credits to: York in a Box and Rika

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