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Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri on Ice- Agape Version

The top section is a rainbow microdot spandex with a stretch netting on top. The pants are neoprene. I used neoprene to get the bottom as close to a suit pants as possible, while still using stretch. I was also able to iron in the front and back crease this way.


The appliqued portions are a silver/rainbow spandex and a stretch vinyl. Each applique piece is one solid piece and has been satin stitched on top of the base suit.

The sleeve cuffs are neoprene to match the pants and include a triangle section and elastic hook to loop onto the middle finger. The neck collar is a grey spandex I had on hand.

The back features a cutout look and I used stretch mesh in a color close to my skin.

The shoulder pieces snap on. They have an interfacing base with feather trim and the detailed piece on top made with foam and various fabrics.

The wrist feathers are turkey feathers that I cut and dyed to gradient upwards. They are two separate pieces so I can bend my wrist easily.

There are 200+ rhinestones that have have individually applied throughout the costume as well.

Photo credits to: York in a Box, WeNeal's Photography, Rika Makishima, Joits, Bishop

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